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We are a company with various experience in the Information Technology domain offering a complete range of services. Due to our continue studies and development in this area has led our services to a high level of quality. This fact can be certified by all our partners.

Professionalism, promptness and dynamism are the main features of ARTVISTER team! Thanks to our young team, we always managed to keep abreast with the new technologies, offering quality services to all our partners. In us you can see not only a reliable partner, but also a young company with ambition, full of enthusiasm that manages to satisfy customers in the shortest time.

Our mission is to provide complete and customized IT solutions, integrated call center services and infocenter for our customers and partners from Romania but also from Europe and USA.

ARTVISTER benefits:

  • Services offered by ARTVISTER can be adapted to the needs of its customers.
  • Depending on the needs of each company, we offer flexible subscription for maintenance of computer equipment.
  • We also can work as intervention – for companies with which we haven’t concluded cooperation agreements.
  • Subscriptions offered include a fixed number of interventions (both software and hardware).

We offer:

  • Installation, configuration and PBX extensions and trunk networking sites.
  • Training for beneficiary's staff.
  • Quick interventions for critical incidents (1-2 hours).
  • Remote Support via Internet or phone for PBX based on VOIP Asterisk technologies.
  • Technical support services after installation.
  • Maintenance and implementation of computer networks - on request.
  • Consultancy regarding purchasing and configuration of IT equipment and services used (Internet, intranet, mail, file sharing).



Asterisk Services

Artvister company provides consulting services and solutions for Asterisk Voice both in Romania and worldwide Asterisk is a software that implements a central office (PBX) that allows a number of attached telephones to make calls to each other and to external phones (including PSTN, public switched telephone network).

Call Centre Services

Artvister company provides maintenance services and maintenance for telephone exchanges under contract by which we are committed to intervene to customer within 24 hours to address any problems or configuration changes or other problems that may arise.

Voip Services

Asterisk-based VoIP solutions offered by Artvister rises to the level of high-end solutions offered by major suppliers of conventional telephony. Also, scalability and adaptability are other strengths of this technology.


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