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Misiunea noastra este de a oferi solutii IT complete si personalizate, integrate cu servicii de Call Center si Contact Center bazate pe platforma Asterisk precum, servicii de Voip, PBX, Asterisk Vicidial si Multichannel Marketing.


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Voip Services

Asterisk-based VoIP solutions offered by Artvister rises to the level of high-end solutions offered by major suppliers of conventional telephony. Also, scalability and adaptability are other strengths of this technology.


As a solution with a powerful software engine, its limits aren’t restricted because our specialized team of programmers can develop continuously new features. In addition, each implementation of a solution can be customized using Asterisk own language.


Facilities available include teleconference, call waiting and IVR - "digital secretary". Also, client can be directed to the desired inside selecting one of the options provided, such as "For Marketing department press 1" or by creating a list of numbers inside the company . Calls may be monitored, the list is made available in real time, and can choose their registration in order to phone or automatically to preset interior.

There are queues option:

  • A user waits until a phone inside a group allocation is available,
  • Routing to groups of users - if an extension is not available, the call is automatically redirected to one or more other interior or to an outside telephone network, such as a mobile phone.
  • Redirect a call from inside - guide can be done as many times as needed.